We love meeting like-minded people who want to create a sustainable future. You can sign up for our newsletter or get involved with the volunteer opportunities listed below.

Sustainability Circle
Sustainability Circle is an initiative by Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) to practice sustainable innovation frameworks (eg. Circular Design, Biomimicry, Systems Thinking etc) to build real solutions for a better world. Our meetups run in an 8-week cycle, usually Saturday mornings 10am-1pm, in order for us to create a tangible outcome.

Our goal is to move a community towards sustainability innovation at the same time advancing the Sustainable Development Goals as an open sharing collective platform. We welcome anyone who has the interest to learn, explore and make the solution happen!

We use so much plastic every day from drinking bottles, shopping bags, 3d printing, that it's polluting our environment. We hope by building the Precious Plastic machines we are able to recycle our plastic waste and give it a second life.

This is a ground-up community initiative to tackle plastic waste. Our volunteer training programme will cover the following:-

1. Plastic recycling theory - become a knowledgeable advocate for plastic recycling
2. Machine operation - learn how to use and maintain the machines
3. Crafting and making - learn how to create products out of waste plastic.

This is a 4-week programme, 3 hours per week on Sundays, 2 - 5pm at the Community Lab@UWCSEA Tampines. 
After this training programme, you will be able to conduct collection drives, educational workshops and roadshows.

*Confirmation email will be sent out a week before the programme starts.

Repair Coach Training
Repair Coaches are at the heart of our movement to tackle the buy-and-throw-away culture by teaching people how to repair. As a volunteer repair coach, you will be undergoing training on how to repair electrical & mechanical appliances and in turn you'll be offering your services to coach members of the public to repair their own items at the public Repair Kopitiam sessions held once a month.

This requires a commitment of 8 consecutive weeks. Trainings are held every Sunday morning from 9 am - 12 noon.

***ABOUT SL2***
We are The Sustainable Living Lab. An Innovation lab building a Sustainable Future. We partner forward thinking companies, the public sector and civil society groups from across Asia in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. As a for-profit social enterprise, our strategy has been to build powerful movements that lead towards a sustainable future. We have contributed to building the Maker Movement in Southeast Asia, the Repair Movement in Singapore and most recently the Sustainable Innovation movement in Asia.

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