Welcome to SL2's Volunteer sign-up page!
We love meeting like-minded people who want to engage in purposeful making!
Check out our regular volunteer opportunities below.

1. Programme Facilitators - We are looking for facilitators to conduct a workshop session with students in various schools. You will guide the students through a process of building simple prototypes like a solar cooker and dancing robot. An honorarium will be paid for the briefing and the actual workshop session.

2. Tech Saturday - We meet every week to make stuff that addresses sustainability issues.
For example, we are building a mobile solar powered dryer to process fresh produce for extended shelf life storage. This will help reduce food waste in the long run and also help small scale farmers be more economically sustainable.

3. Repair Coach Training -
Repair Kopitiam is a public repair event that we organise regularly to teach members of the public how to repair their own items and tackle the buy-and-throw-away culture. Training will be provided on how to repair household appliances and in turn, offering your services to members of the public monthly.

All our volunteer programs require regular commitment (typically at least 8-10 weeks) as there is a significant degree of learning and skill development involved. If you can only volunteer on an ad-hoc basis, then do join us when we make open volunteer calls for specific events.

***ABOUT SL2***
Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) is a social enterprise that aims to build a Sustainable Future through community building, technology experimentation and social innovation. Founded in 2011, we are organised as a social enterprise.

The "enterprise" part of our work involves running educational programs, corporate innovation programs, hackathons and developing products from bulk waste materials.

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